Richard Ogden

Dickie Ogden enjoys a day in the park. Dickie Ogden enjoys a day in the park.

Richard "Dickie" Ogden produced, mixed and played drums on the rock sections of the OHV score.  Working with composer Doniphan Blair, he helped shape the sound and finetuned the final product.

A seminal part of the San Francisco post-punk scene, Ogden started as a guitarist in his home town in upstate New York but moved to drums eventually mastering virtually all genres from jazz to rock and art music.  Working with bands like MiRthkon and the post-modern composer Wally Scharold, or the noise-pop band Neflwurrzl, and running a studio on Telegraph, he was an important player until his 2010 departure to raise his young son in New York.

He is continuing to produce projects there with his wife Patty, a piano player, under there logo OdgenPark.

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