Moses Sedler

Moses Sedler performs a piece. Moses Sedler performs a piece.

Moses Sedler composed the orchestral half of the film's music including the stark but moving "Auschwitz Suite."

He is a composer of music for dance, film, and concert stage. He is also a cellist, performer and music teacher. Moses has a background rooted in classical music, as well as improvisatory music, eastern European folk music, and Indian music.

As a cellist and composer Moses has been participating with modern dancers and choreographers in the San Francisco Bay Area for over ten years. Moses has collaborated with Alonzo King's Lines Ballet several times, including his composition "String Trio", he has also performed with Pharoah Sanders in the improvisational piece for Lines Ballet titled "Three Stops On The Way Home".

As a performer Moses has played in Europe, Israel, and North America, and has performed, recorded with and composed for the award winning ensemble DAVKA; a cello, violin, percussion and woodwind ensemble. DAVKA creates new music drawing source material from eastern European Jewish folk music, as well as Middle Eastern and Balkan rhythmic language, with composition and improvisation structures similar to modern jazz.

Some highlights of the past few years include a collaboration with choreographer Yannis Adoniou, creating the music for a two hour production called "Conversations". This piece involved San Francisco dance company Kunst-stoff, and the ProXsima dance company from Athens Greece. Conversations received its European premier in Athens, then was performed in San Francisco as the center piece of Summerfest Dance.

Moses then went on to work with choreographer Janice Garrett to compose a five-movement work scored for string orchestra. The piece titled "Brink" was premiered in San Francisco at the Cowell Theater.

Other highlights include composing for a number of documentary films, and working with Davka and Kitka in a performance filmed for a PBS television special. The broadcast featured several compositions from Moses. The feature was aired in late 2006 and continues to be aired on PBS stations throughout the country.