JuMan ProJect


Introduction: The Juman Project

Normalization: The Jew as Human

Healing from History Through Understanding

The Juman Presentation: Bible, Diaspora, Moneylending, 19th Century AntiSemitism, Healing from Holocausts, Israel, PostModern Mysticism

Mysticism and Rationalism In Today's Society


Introduction: The Juman Project


The Juman Project, pronounced "Jew" Man, is our summary of what was once called the "Jewish Question."   Answer: Allow the Jew to simply be a human, not demon or god, just like all other humans.  Humanizing the Jew man and woman is how we organize all the information, ideas and images we have gathered in the twenty years of researching and making "Our Holocaust Vacation" and the other art and writing here.

"Our Holocaust Vacation" starts the ball rolling towards full humanization by showing how a fairly typical family and especially teenager grapples with it.  We also try to normalize the Bible, Diaspora, Moneylending, 19th Century AntiSemitism, Israel, and a certain PostModern Mysticism by examining those issues in the context of modern science and history as well as other people's experiences.

Although the Jewish called themselves "The Chosen People," due to their symbolic relationship to a single god—also a symbol for a unified universe and humanity—that was simply an epistemological trope due to fact that everyone else, at that time, was polytheist.  Monotheism means we are created equally.  Although ancient Biblical stories are laced with traditions and myth, the overriding metaphor or one origin led to notions of equality and tolerance and the law and science.

Much as in any society, the writer and the fireperson are equal yet in different professions, we can honor the ancient intellectuals of the Middle East, both Jew and other, for developing these ideas, while continuing to treat them equally.


Normalization: The Jew as Human

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Healing from History Through Understanding

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The Juman Presentation

Bible, Diaspora, Moneylending, 19th Century AntiSemitism, Healing from Holocausts, Israel, PostModern Mysticism

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Mysticism and Rationalism in Today's Society

Ever Since Maimonides penned "Guide to the Perplexed" in Arabic, while working as Saladin's Physician in Egypt, but then his sons became Sufis, and now the Egyptian Sufis claim him as one of their own, rationalism and mysticism have been uneasy bedfellows in Judaism.  Nevertheless, from the ancients to Einstein, Jewish thinkers have helped create a healthy accomodation that increases the viability of both.

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