This is fine art version of the "Be Happy" poster.  A three-color seriograph on archival paper, and signed by the artist, this is worth the added cost for anyone thinking of a quality framing.  An example of thought-provoking and healing "Holocaust art," the "Be Happy Poster" is appropriate for any synagogue, Jewish services office or progressive Jewish or non-Jewish home.

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This striking and moving poster is of the survivor from "Our Holocaust Vacation" in Auschwitz.  From a photo by Tonia's husband, Vachel, using a text by Michelene Maurel, and with design by filmmaker Doniphan Blair, "The 'Be Happy' Poster is the most succinct analysis of how to heal from the Holocaust I know," noted Blair.

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The Institutional/Curriculum Package includes both the 58 and 84 min. DVDs and is licensed to be shown multiple times to large groups.  It also includes a 26 page Curriculum Guide that lays out OHV alternative view of teaching and understanding the Holocaust.  Some of the subject covered are • The Women's Side of War • Healing from the Holocaust • Mysticism Post-Holocaust • Alternative Reading • And More

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This standard length movie includes an introduction about the family, a closing dinner, where family discusses the Holocaust and the teen character displays important developments, and a wrap up of the survivor's travels after the war.  For private use only.

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This new, one hour version of "Our Holocaust Vacation" has been playing PBS stations across the country since the spring of 2011.  Focusing a bit more on the teenage character and with strong music cues, it rocks more than the 84 minute version.  For private use only.

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