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Press and Comments

Written by Doniphan
"Our Holocaust Vacation" did not garner much press because it didn't place in any Jewish Film Festivals, and appeared in only a few other festivals, like the Miami Women's Festival.  Nevertheless, a number of scholars, survivors, and educators loved the film, viewing it when it was shown almost 400 times on PBS, nation-wide, as well as at schools and Holocaust association gathering.  And there was some press, see the Jewish Community Bulletin piece below.  Here's a selection of comments:   "Our Holocaust Vacation" is a wonderful film! I found it powerful and moving to watch—and yes, sometimes even funny. I…
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Written by Doniphan
When sixteen year-old Irena goes on a family vacation to Poland, she didn't think it would be so heavy.  Sure, her grandmother Tonia, who survived the Holocaust, is on the trip, and they will find out about her experience, but her father and uncle are also making a movie. Welcome to "Our Holocaust Vacation," three generations on a roller coaster ride into history and family, produced, shot and edited by family members Nicholas and Doniphan Blair. Called “one of the best Holocaust films I have seen” by Holocaust film scholar Elaina Viola, "Our Holocaust Vacation" has been shown over 375…
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